Bill Rosener, Ph.D.
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Unpublished Songs - written by Bill Rosener
(Performed by various artists).

1. Just Say Where (Lryics, Female demo, Male demo, Awards)
Mid to up-tempo, great story, fresh sound
Comparable to "What About Now" - Lonestar

2. White Flags (Lryics, Demo)
Mid to up-tempo, unique story, fresh idea
Comparable to "John Deere Green" - Joe Diffie

3. Ride the Light (Lryics, Female demo, Male demo)
Comparable to "Here for the Party" - Gretchen Wilson

4. Echoes of You (Lryics, Female demo, Male demo)
Fresh story, possible duet
Comparable to "A Night to Remember" - Joe Diffie

5. Say Goodbye (Lryics, Female demo, Male demo)
Comparable to "Bring on the Rain" - Jo Dee Messina

6. Yesterday Again (Lryics, Demo)
Comparable to "Young" - Kenny Chesney

7. Life Time Guarantee (Lryics, Demo)
Mid-tempo, Love Ballad, unique story
Comparable to "Yes" - Chad Brock or "Austin" - Blake Shelton

8. Worth It All (Lryics) In progress
Comparable to "Yes" by Chad Brock?

For more information about these songs contact: Bill Rosener