Bill Rosener, Ph.D.
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Say Goodbye

You had a love go wrong
And a river of dreams run dry
I know it's hard to carry on
When there's no tears left to cry
But, I'll be here for you
Making new wishes come true
Just open your heart to me
And baby I'll help you

SAY GOODBYE to your one-night dreams
And SAY GOODBYE to your broken wings
And to moonless nights and tears you've cried
I'll help you SAY GOODBYE
Well, I'll never leave you behind
Dancing alone in the rain
You'll always be on my mind
And in my heart you'll remain
Your past won't follow you
Cause baby I'll help you
(repeat chorus)
And like a shootin' star
In the midnight sky
Your tears will disappear
Right before your eyes
Cause baby I'll help you
(repeat chorus)