Bill Rosener, Ph.D.
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Worth It All

I was at a red light, when we first met
You smiled at me, from your red corvette
You said follow me, and you were out of there
So I ran the light, going who knows where

Before I lost you, goin’ south on 82
I saw a green tag, that said NSU (or OSU, MSU, etc.)
I searched every lot, for the next three days
Now tonight’s our tenth date, and I must say

Baby your love is WORTH IT ALL
WORTH every second of every day
WORTH every stop along the way
WORTH every risk, and dead end path
Cause they led me to you, and now looking back
Baby your love is WORTH IT ALL
A couple days later, you saw a rainbow outside
You said let’s find the gold, let’s take a drive
So we headed west, but we had to turn around
It seemed there was no way, to get out of that town

So we took a shortcut, on a road I barely knew
And we came to the light, where I first met you
It was déjà vu, the light was red
As we waited there, you smiled and said

(repeat chorus)
A few months later, we said I do
Thank God for the roads that led me to you
(repeat chorus)