Exam #3

  (30 points)

  1. Watch the video Learning with W3Schools.com   (CC).

  2. Visit the website https://www.w3schools.com/js/default.asp

  3. Select the option "JavaScript Examples" (See Label #1 below). Spend some time walking through these tutorials.

  4. Select the link "Start JavaScript Exercises!" (See Label #2 below). For full credit, continue answering questions until you have correctly completed 30 exercises. Take a screen capture of your monitor making sure to include the number of exercises you have completed. Save your work as "Exam3". Upload this file to YOUR-CLASS-WEBSITE.   Help uploading documents and images

  5. .

Grading Rubric
Required Elements Points Possible Does not meet requirements Meets some requirements Meets or exceeds all requirements Your Score
Correctly completed 30 exercises on JavaScript. 30 0 15 30 __/30
Total points __/30