Assignment #4

  (10 points)

  1. Watch the video Responsive Web Pages (CC).

  2. Complete either "Option A" or "Option B" below:

    Option A: (Preferred)
    Create a responsive web page similar to the page developed in the video and shown below. The images can be downloaded from the Assignment #4 folder. Create a new page on YOUR-CLASS-WEBSITE called "assignment4". Copy or insert your HTML code into this new page. Help uploading HTML content.

    Option B:
    Write out all the HTML code presented in this video. Briefly comment what each line does. Save your work as "assignment4.docx" when you are finished. Upload this file to YOUR-CLASS-WEBSITE.   Help uploading documents and images.

Grading Rubric
Required Elements Points Possible Does not meet requirements Meets some requirements Meets or exceeds all requirements Your Score
Option A: Effectively created a responsive web page. The layout or the contents responds or adapts based on the size of the screen. 10 0 5 10 __/10
Option B: Wrote out all the HTML code presented in the video and briefly described what each line does. 10 0 5 10 __/10
Total points __/10