Task #1
(10 points)

Obtain space on a web server that supports both client-side (e.g., Javascript) and server-side (e.g., PHP) scripting languages to be executed.

Option A:
Unless I hear otherwise, on my website "billrosener.com" I have created a folder/directory and an FTP account for you to upload your work. If using this option, you will upload your work to:
Your password will be your first name in lowercase. If during the semester, you decide to purchase your own domain name (Option B) - no problem. Just let me know the new location (URL) of where I can find your work.

Option B:
Purchase your own domain name along with a hosting plan. Since this course does not have a required textbook, you could use the money that you would normally pay for a textbook to help cover these costs.

If purchasing your own domain name, you may initially be faced with several challenges. You may temporarily even hate this course and your instructor! But by using this option, and overcoming these challenges, you will learn skills that will make you more marketable in the future. Furthermore, you will now have your own permanent location for storing and displaying electronic information (e.g., resume, online portfolio, pictures, etc.). A location that you can continue to develop after graduating from NSU. My experience is that most students take more pride and create a more professionally marketable website, when working with their own domain.

You might even use the assignments that you create in this class to begin your online portfolio. You will find that most job opening in computer technology, require an online portfolio. Below are a few actual job advertisements:

"To apply, email your resume and a link to your online portfolio to ..."
"Interested candidates should submit: Creative assignments reflected in a strong online portfolio ..."

Give your domain name careful consideration before purchasing. Ideally, your domain name should be short and memorable. Personally, I would recommend going with a ".com" extension.

Personally, I have been using GoDaddy for several years, and I have been very pleased with their products and support. Furthermore, if you use GoDaddy, I will more easily be able to answer your questions. If using GoDaddy I would recommend using their default operating system "Linux". This will come with 1-click install of 125+ free applications. In particular, one application that you might want to install down the road is WordPress. Note: The prices listed on their website can typically be lowered by "calling" their Support line.

Another less expensive option is iPage. According to one source, for around $40, you can get your domain name, an SSL certification, and hosting for a year.

Option C:
Let me know if you find a better solution. One thing to keep in mind is that multiple domain names can be hosted on a single hosting plan. So if you already have a hosting plan, you would not need to purchase another one.

Read the course syllabus and then download the file syllabus-agreement.docx. When completing the syllabus agreement, you will enter the address (URL) of where I can find your work into the textbox “YOUR-CLASS-WEBSITE.” Most likely this will be either:
Email your completed syllabus agreement to: rosener@nsuok.edu

Make sure to read Section #15 of the syllabus. In particular: Academic Dishonesty includes (among other things) copying another individual's work (or allowing someone to copy your work), or plagiarizing someone else's work as your own. This includes copying someone else's work from a different class or a different semester. While it is acceptable to give or receive help - Any and all materials turned in for credit must be the result of your own individual effort.