Task #1

  (10 points)

Create an account (obtain space) on a web server. There are numerous website creation platforms available that will allow you to create your own personal website. You may use any platform you want, as long as the website is available from my office. For those of you who are new to website design or who want step by step instructions, I would highly recommend creating an account on Weebly. Make sure to select the subdomain that is FREE (see Screen capture 1 and Screen capture 2). Only domain names that end with "weebly.com" are free. For example:
      yourName.weebly.com - FREE
      yourName.com - NOT FREE

Not only is this website free and easy to use, but I have also created instructional training videos that walks you through uploading your work to this website. On the assignments, the term "YOUR-CLASS-WEBSITE" will refer to the location of where you plan on storing your work. If using Weebly, this location would be something like: (https://yourName.weebly.com). To make a Weebly.com website available for grading, you would need to press the "Publish" button found in the upper right corner of the editor. Similarly, through out the course, you would need to press this button to make your latest changes/uploads available for me to grade.

After you have obtained space on a web server, read the course syllabus and then download the file syllabus-agreement.docx. Complete the form and mail it to: rosener@nsuok.edu

Make sure to read the information pointed to under Section #15 of the syllabus. In particular: Academic Dishonesty includes (among other things) copying another individual's work (or allowing someone to copy your work), or plagiarizing someone else's work as your own. This includes copying someone else's work from a different class or a different semester. While it is acceptable to give or receive help - Any and all materials turned in for credit must be the result of your own individual effort.

OPTIONAL: If you are interested in creating a website (e.g., for your business, church, or some organization), making money off a blog, or selling products, I would recommend looking into purchasing your own domain name along with a hosting plan. A domain name can be purchased for around $10 a year using a website like GoDaddy.com You would then need to purchase a hosting plan starting around $7 a month. At some point, you might want to add an SSL certificate to instill trust with your customers (approximately $60 a year). Next, I would recommend installing a content management system (CMS) on your website such as WordPress. A CMS like WordPress gives you more freedom to modify your website using comment boxes, search boxes, sidebars, widgets, and hundreds of free plugins. If this is something, you are interested in pursuing, feel free to stop by during office hours or give me a call at (918) 456-4482.

Other excellent choices for hosting include New Blog Hosting and iPage. According to one source, for around $40, you can get your domain name, an SSL certification, and hosting for a year using iPage.

If interested in creating a website (which will be used beyond the classroom), you still need to complete all the assignments for this class. However, the content and images you create could be used both to meet the requirements for this class and for adding content to your website. This option is available to you at any point during the semester. You would simply need to let me know the new location (URL) of where I can find your work.