Discussion Board

(50 points)

Complete the following tasks. Note: I only check the discussion board several times a week. If you need help with an assignment, please e-mail me at rosener@nsuok.edu or call me at (918) 456-4482 for immediate help.

1. Class introductions - Due: 8:00 a.m. on August 21, 2023. (10 points)
Add a post or entry (i.e., "Create Thread") in the NSU Blackboard discussion forum "Class Introductions" for this class introducing yourself. In this post, feel free to list where you are from, your major, why you are taking this course, what career opportunities you would like to purse upon graduation, hobbies, interests, etc. Feel free to add a picture or video of yourself! Most students find it is easier to communicate with classmates when they know a little more about each other. While optional, feel free to respond to class introductions by other students.

2. Entries - Due 8:00 a.m. on Monday, October 2, 2023. (20 points)
Add two or more original posts or entries (i.e., "Create Thread") to the NSU Blackboard discussion forum "Website Design Tips and Helpful Resources" for this class. This could include information on HTML, programming languages for the web like JavaScript, style sheets used for describing the presentation of Web pages (e.g., Cascading Style Sheets), content management systems (e.g., WordPress, Weebly, etc.), search engine optimization, graphic editing software (e.g., Adobe Photoshop and GIMP), and other software or links that simplify website design or help increase the traffic to your website. Your posts can include tips, tricks, helpful resources (like free images), new technologies, and other useful features to help you get things done and stay connected on the go. This deadline will provide ample time for follow-up replies from other students. See Step #3 below.

3. Replies - Due 8:00 a.m. on Monday, November 13, 2022. (20 points)
Reply or respond to at least two postings from other students on the NSU Blackboard discussion forum "Website Design Tips and Helpful Resources" for this class. Your replies should build on the original posts to help construct a conversation. Add something unique to the post. Feel free to provide a video clip, or a link to an outside resource that highlights the message you are conveying. Do something extra that requires others to think and respond to the ideas you are sharing. Establishing a standpoint and supporting it with evidence are great ways to demonstrate that you are not only making connections with the content but also attaining a deeper understanding of the material.

Grading Rubric
Required Elements Points Possible Does not meet requirements Meets some requirements Meets or exceeds all requirements Your Score
1. Posted a class introduction to the discussion board for this course. Introduced yourself effectively. Your introduction should be engaging for everyone. 10 0 5 10 __/10
2. Added at least two original contributions to the discussion board on website design. Your contributions are thoughtfully and with insight. Resources (e.g., links) might be included to extend the discussion. 20 0 10 20 __/20
3. Responded to at least two postings from other students. Your responses indicate understanding of the other author’s comments. Your opinions and ideas are expressed in a clear and concise manner with obvious connection to the topic. Resources (e.g., links) might be included to extend the discussion. 20 0 10 20 __/20
Total points __/50