Assignment #24

  (10 points)

  1. Watch the video Microsoft PowerPoint: Creating Basic Slides (CC).

  2. Create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation similar to the presentation developed in the video and shown below.

  3. Include your name on the first slide.

  4. Save your work as "assignment24.pptx" when you are finished.

  5. Upload this file to YOUR-CLASS-WEBSITE.   Help

Grading Rubric
Required Elements Points Possible Does not meet requirements Meets some requirements Meets or exceeds all requirements Your Score
1. Microsoft PowerPoint presentation contains the following 5 slides:
  • A title slide that includes your name.
  • A slide with an isosceles triangle with text around the perimeter.
  • A slide containing information in two columns.
  • A slide with a MS Excel screen capture.
  • A slide with a SmartArt.
8 0 4 8 __/8
2. Contains no spelling or grammar errors. Layout of images and data is pleasing to the eye. Fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc. are effective. 2 0 1 2 __/2
Total points __/10