Assignment #11

  (10 points)

  1. Watch the video Performing Mail Merge (CC).

  2. Create a Microsoft Excel document similar to the file used in the video and also shown below. Include at least three names in your Microsoft Excel file.

  3. Save this file as "mail-merge-address.xlsx" when you are finished.

  4. Create a Microsoft Word document similar to document developed in the video and shown below that reads information from the file "mail-merge-addresses.xlsx".

  5. Include your name at the top of the document.

  6. Save this file as "assignment11.docx" when you are finished.

  7. Upload both files to YOUR-CLASS-WEBSITE.   Help

Grading Rubric
Required Elements Points Possible Does not meet requirements Meets some requirements Meets or exceeds all requirements Your Score
1. Microsoft Excel file contains all the required headers and at least three rows of data. 5 0 3 5 __/5
2. Microsoft Word document use merge fields to include the information from the Microsoft Excel file. 5 0 3 5 __/5
Total points __/10