Bill Rosener, Ph.D.
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JUST SAY WHERE (Female version) (Male version)

My old boyfriend called me just today
He moved back to town this time to stay
He always brought out the best in me
I saw things with him, alone I could never see
As we were talking about the days gone by
He asked if we could give our love another try
And I said

JUST SAY WHERE, and I'll meet you there
I can meet you on a mountain ridge, or on a coastal plain
I can meet you on a sunny beach, or in the pouring rain
JUST SAY WHERE, and I'll meet you there
I woke up the next day, thinkin' back to how things were
The previous day was an undreamt blur
He took me to new places Iíve never been before
I wanted to be with him more and more
So I called him up just to say
Can I meet you again today
And he said
(repeat chorus)

Later that night with the stars shining above
He asked me if I wanted to make love
And I said

(repeat chorus)

(repeat chorus to fade)